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Liz Taylor

DOER Marine/Deep Ocean Exploration & Research
Over the past seventeen years Taylor, along with husband Ian Griffith, have grown DOER from a consulting and field services firm to a full service engineering solutions company, occupying a fifty five thousand square foot historic building in the Alameda Marina.

Antoinette Vermilye

She is passionate about the complex interrelationships of the ocean, plastics, gender, and overfishing on social injustice, human health and the environment. She seeks either coalitions to find action-oriented solutions that will have far reaching impacts downstream or to take action on identified gaps where little or no attention is being paid.


Nina Van Toulan

Nina van Toulon is a Collective Impact pioneer since 2010 avant-la-lettre. She is the founder of Eco Flores (2010), Indonesian Waste Platform (2015) and co-founder of International Waste Platform (2018). Identifying the need for cross-sector and cross-border collaborative frameworks and the need for creating national and international overview led her to initiate these co-owned platforms, promoting and facilitating stakeholder engagement, news sharing and capacity building.